Welcome to the Ryba Macaulay website This website is a window to the type of products and services we provide. We sell, install, configure, train and support every product and solution we offer. It is not intended to cover everything. We have never intended to create and update pages and pages of service information. Contact us and we can talk. We have been doing this for over 15 years. To give you some idea of the type and size of Customer we support, a selection of the Customers we’ve helped is listed on the Customers page, . Click on the Contact page for our contact details. We have changed what we offer over the years as the needs of our Customers have changed. Concepts like Virtual or Cloud and technologies like 64bit or Smart Phones were all ideas (even unknown ideas) just ten years ago. For many business, these are now integral to how they operate. For some Customers, we are their IT Department. For others we have supplied and we support just one product. Our goal is to help and make a difference Business Solutions for Business People