Customers Here are four examples of the type of customer we support: Beards the Jewellers - Beards has serviced the luxury jewellery market for over 200 years. We began with some basic training. The relationship has grown to include supplying a full network, epos and office automation solution Koolbreeze - Koolbreeze is a leading supplier of air conditioning and heating equpiment to UK businesses. We support their whole multi site operation from within our server farm, providing 24/7 access to business applications used by their dispersed workforce Hargenant - Hargenant operates in the competitive world of Umbrella Services. We supplied solutions to support their operation from timesheets to payslips to BACS to net pay texts and everything inbetween all hosted in the RML Cloud Parliament - the Parliament Group source and sell all types of can components, closures and other packaging products. For the past 10 years, we have supported their worldwide network and the applications running on that network Business Solutions for Business People