Our Offer We offer many solutions to many different businesses and not everything is listed here. However, we do do specialise in these areas Jewellery Software - a complete solution for Retail and Wholesale Jewellers, covering everything from creating a stock item with cut, colour and clarity, to printing a barcode label, to reporting on sales by supplier, to running a till, to auto-sending customers texts when a repair is ready to creating bulk html emails to customers who bought beads in the last six months Umbrella Payroll - a full end-to-end solution from initial Timesheet to PDF payslip. We have supported Umbrella customers since 2005/06. Some just use us for the payroll, others need a full front office solution to include contactors, timesheets, texts, expense control, billing, receipts, what to pay, contracts and more Cloud Services and Office Control - office management software, accounting software, payroll software, anti-virus, hardware (pc’s, servers) and the cloud One Customer supports ten countries off our Cloud servers. Another Customer looks after thousands of payrolls based on solutions we and they have developed over many years. Other Customers just use our AntiVirus solution on pc’s we’ve supplied Business Solutions for Business People