The Cloud - JMCloud Our office runs on virtual software. We have a number of virtual servers that do specific tasks. We have virtual pc’s for testing. If one needs re-doing, we just re- create a new virtual pc, give it an IP address and away we go. We own our own Cloud. That is, we own the building, the servers, the lighting, the air conditioning, the UPS’s, the generators, the access cameras; everything. It is our small cloud, operating 24/7 supporting hundreds of users and businesses. Nothing is rented from a third party. At any one time over 100+ users will be logged in from multiple locations and over 1000+ services (backups, inbound email, outbound email, exchange server, file transfers, etc) will be running. There are many advantages of using the JMCloud. You can backup your data off-site into the secure farm. You can provide consistent dekstops to remote users. Any hosted user on a MAC or pc can print to any printer they have access to. No printing issues!. You can setup file depositories for staff to swap files. We use all these services ourselves. Not every organisation needs a full palette of virtual tools, but some make life a lot easier, particularly if you have remote offices or remote workers. Business Solutions for Business People